Stand in wood for ipad, tablet and books

With this stand you get exclusive Danish design in wood and great functionality. The stand can be set in exactly the angle you want, for optimum comfort and ergonomics. It can be used anywhere; the sofa, in the kitchen or on the job and in school. Place your uStand on the table, on the floor and all the other places where you use your iPad, tablet and laptop.

The stand is made from solid quality wood and polished steel, it is handmade and 100% produced in Denmark. The design is Scandinavian with simple lines and high quality.

The stand is universal as it can hold both iPad, tablet, laptop and books.

If you want to buy uStand please write us at ustand@ustand.dk and we will send you a quote, and provide you with the information for payment.

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holder-stander-stand-laptop-book-ipad-tablet-universal-exclusiveThe stand allows you to place your device in a comfortable and ergonomic position, and at the same time it gives you instant access and look nice. Why hide your beautiful iPad or tablet in a ugly and cheap plastic cover? 

The stand is made of solid quality wood in 4 varieties. The design is minimalist and differs from competing products by it's quality and "anti-technology look”.

The stand can be used anywhere; in the home, at school or on the job. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in bed, on the quilt on the couch, on your lap, on the sink, on the floor and so on.
The stand with iPad/tablet can be user as the family console for games, music, mail, calendar, internet, weather, news, sportsscores, etc..
The stand used to vary the height of your laptop screen, when you for example work at home. This means that you can set the display to your needs, and thereby avoid muscular problems. When using an external keyboard and a mouse, you will experience a much better and more comfortable working environment, and you will be more effective! Laptop can be placed on top of uStand, or in the notch depending on how high it must be raised. The black rubber bands act as shock and sound absorbing material and ensure that the laptop is stable and held firmly, even at a relatively high angle.
The stand with a iPad or tablet is Very mobile. So it is easy to take with you, if you eg. listening to the radio in the kitchen and want to go to the bathroom. The iPad is standing incredibly stabil, because of the rubber band. And with one hand, it can be carried in a very reassuring manner.
The stand is very stable, due to the independent and adjustable legs with non-slip rubber, even on a bumpy or messy surface. It is very easy to fit on a table full of other things, because it only rests on four tiny surface (legs).
The stand raises the tablet and laptop over the table. Therefor it is very suitable for use for cooking in the kitchen, where there often is wet, uneven and messy. While you cook, you can find recipes, listen to radio / music or watch video and television.
The stand suitable excellent if you want to use a laptop or tablet in bed, for example to read or watch movies, as it adapts to uneven surfaces.

By raising tablet or laptop you achieve a much better ergonomics and you do not "break" the neck. With uStand you further avoids that laptop becomes too hot.
The stand can conceal wiring and external equipment, it could be the keyboard and mouse with wire cable to speaker or charger.
The stand makes it possible to vary the angle of your tablet in a very easy and completely variably way it offers several advantage. I can be used when the tablet is to be operated at different heights. For example there is a difference when you're standing at the kitchen table, sitting on the sofa or in bed.
The stand eminently suitable for presentations, meetings, exhibitions in the shop etc .. It will appear professional and presentable with a tablet. Again the adavntage is that the angle can be varied, and that it can be easily placed on any surface, and it does not require much space.
The stand can be used for video conferencing, either as a stand with the iPad beside the computer or in the meeting room, where several can share it. Here again it is advantageous that the angle and height can be varied.
The stand can easily be closed with a simple push and is easy to hide away (26cmX26cmX 2,5cm) og put into the computer bag.
The stand can even be used as an stand for books, when you are cooking, as recipe holder, or as a fancy presentation.